Helping out in a BB or GB group with children and young people can make all the difference to young lives – meaning happier young people, happier communities and a society that values the contribution that we can all make; young, old or in-between. We call our volunteers “leaders” because they guide a course for children and young people.

What do volunteers do?

There are lots of different ways that you can help. We work with boys and girls from all backgrounds and of all faiths, and with those with no faith. Most of our volunteers come along for a couple of hours a week in the evening and get involved with one or more of our four age sections:

We need volunteers to help children with activities, games, sport, arts and crafts, hobbies, music etc. Whatever you can help with is greatly valued. We also want volunteers who will be able to relate to young people and over time, become adults they can trust and talk to.

I can't help every week, do you still want me?

Yes! The beauty of volunteering with the BB is that you can be flexible, and if you can only help out once a month, or even once a year at the annual camp then we are happy to welcome you.

What is the age limit?

You can volunteer from 16+ as a Young Leader, with a wider range of roles for those aged 18+. There’s no upper age limit. We really do welcome applications from all ages.

Do I need any particular skills?

No – just an attitude that is positive about children and young people, or as we say, have faith in young people. Of course, if you do have skills you can bring then fantastic! However, we value every volunteer just as we value every child and young person.

To Volunteer with one of our section please use the contact us page to send us a message and we Weill contact you to discuss further.